The benefits of creating a veterinary practice from scratch – Our values.



Over our many years of working as vets Natalie and I have created the magic formula for what will create a truly amazing practice.

We are family owned and run which means we are free to focus on these elements and also respond to your feedback without pressures from other investors.

We are passionate about our values and they have formed the basis for all of our planning. There are three key elements and we believe one cannot be achieved without the others. They are:

Happiness of patients - we have all the facilities and expertise to provide clinical excellence but we believe just as much importance has to be given to the mental wellbeing of your pet. With a fear free approach and a cat friendly attitude we will work with you to make the veterinary visit a positive one for your furry family member, whichever variety they are!

Happiness of clients - with a warm and welcoming environment with friendly, familiar faces you will always feel comfortable expressing your concerns and discussing all elements of your pets lifestyle with us. This is fundamental to achieving the best for them and also to put your mind at rest if they become unwell.

Happiness of staff - The key to maintaining a fantastic team of familiar faces at the surgery is keeping them happy. As you can probably imagine working in the veterinary world is both incredibly rewarding and emotionally taxing. We promise to look after our staff’s mental wellbeing so that they can continue to provide you and your pets with the best veterinary care available for many years to come.

These values have been the focus during the creation of Ferndown Family Vets and we are very lucky to own the practice ourselves allowing us to stay true to them throughout our journey.

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