Top Tips to crate train a dog

One of the big questions a lot of owners have when they get their puppy home is ‘what should they do for sleeping arrangements?’. There are lots of options; in a crate, in the utility room, free range, in your bedroom, on your bed etc. The answer to this question in our opinion is there is no right answer. A crate has advantages if you ever visit friends or take your dog on holiday but it’s not the be all and end all. The best option very much depends on you and your dog.

We’ve had several dogs from puppy age and each has been very different and needed a unique approach:


She went in a crate from day one, cried for a few minutes the first night and then settled. Even today she still happily trots off into a crate despite no longer sleeping in one as a routine. We made it a very positive place with toys, snuggly beds and a pheromone diffuser ‘Adaptil’.


has more separation anxiety than Truffle and took a bit longer to settle. Bumble also had diarrhoea as a puppy and to avoid rewarding his shouts for assistance with attention we would set our alarm for 3am, get up, take him to the loo and then pop him back into his crate. I say ‘we’ it was mostly me whilst Natalie stayed cuddled up in the warm. Bumble was also helped by having his sister Truffle close by, a different approach may have been required if he was an only dog.


was a little legend when we got it home. Played for a few hours, crashed out, scooped him up, put him in his crate and slept for 10 hours. Day two, Denali will not, I repeat, will not be crated or restricted in any form!!!! We’ve never experienced this before and after allowing him to cry for thirty minutes we elected to try a different tactic. We brought a material pet carrier up to the bedroom, settled him in that next to the bed with my arm inside. He settled straight away and slept through. We gradually moved his crate away from us in the bedroom and then one day when we were getting ready for bed he hopped into his dog bed in the kitchen and that was it, no further issues.

As you can see you sometimes have to adapt to your individual pets’ needs and if you decide you want to crate them and it doesn’t work it’s important to try and understand the behaviour behind it. If you’re confused what is the best thing to do feel free to discuss at one of your health checks included in our puppy vaccination programme and wellness club.

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