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A Fear Free Environment for your Pet

For many years Aidan has been focussing his attention on creating a positive environment for patients under his care. Now, with Ferndown Family Vets, the dream of a practice built from scratch, with a fear free at its centre, is reality.

Fear Free for all Pets

The whole practice is designed with the intention of reducing the development of anxieties in patients which currently have no concerns when visiting the vet. It is also to create a less fearful environment for patients that already have anxieties. It can be achieved in the majority of cases with time, patience and lots of reward.

In a number of veterinary practices today there is a continual time pressure and increasing clinical caseload which sometimes moves the focus away from your pet and their experience with us. One of our main motivators for creating Ferndown Family Vets is to ensure your pets have an enjoyable experience so we have decided to provide longer consults and maintain a fear free focus.

There is now an official accreditation group named ‘Fear Free’ based in the US of which Aidan is an accredited practitioner. Ferndown Family Vets will train all its staff in this approach as we believe having the fear free approach consistent throughout the whole practice is of vital importance. It not only keeps your pet happy, this in turn allows us to get to know them better and as a result provide them with the level of care and attention they deserve.

Please don’t hesitate to book an appointment to come and experience for yourself.

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    Customer Reviews

    Genuine care and Compassion

    Aidan has treated several of my pets over the years, always with genuine care and compassion. His knowledge and expertise is outstanding, he is friendly and kind, yet professional. Aidan treated my 48kg Hovawart dog for T-Cell Lymphoma and we saw him weekly for chemotherapy. My dog was always pleased to see him, despite the needles and drugs, and greeted Aidan with wet kisses at every opportunity. My dog was a great judge of character, so that has to be the sign of a good vet! I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Ferndown Family Vets. The furry members of your family will be in the safest of hands, that's for sure.

    Level of care is excellent

    Aidan has been our vet for many years, his level of care is excellent. He fills us with so much confidence. Ross, Ringwood

    Friendly and Approachable

    Always friendly and approachable and I know our animals are in good hands! Nicky, Sway

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