Wellness Club

simple and cost effective

Ferndown Family Vets have a fantastic team and exceptional facilities to look after your pet when they become unwell but we would love for them to stay happy and healthy throughout their lives. We have created our ‘wellness plan’ with this is mind.

With regular, six monthly health checks we hope to identify any issues before they are causing a problem. Our four legged friends aren’t very good at telling us when they’re feeling unwell and we often attribute their signs to ‘getting old’. If we pick up the signs early there is so much we can do to help, as a result, these ‘six-monthly’ checks form a core part of the ‘wellness plan’.

We will also assess your pet’s individual needs for parasite control (fleas and worms) as well as protection from preventable diseases (vaccination status).

In addition to providing you with great peace of mind regarding your pets health the wellness plan is also convenient and great value for money with the option of regular, monthly payments.

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