The benefits of creating a veterinary practice from scratch.

‘The building’

Natalie and I made the decision around 18 months ago to do what we have always dreamt of, creating our own veterinary practice. There are many reasons why we decided to start from scratch rather than work for a larger company or join a traditional partnership. The main reason however was that starting with a blank canvass allowed us to draw on the wealth of experience we have accumulated over our combined careers. Creating both a building which is perfectly designed but also an ethos that will focus on keeping our patients, clients and staff happy for many years to come.

Many veterinary practices traditionally started out in a room of a veterinary surgeon’s house, an extension or even occasionally in a static home. This was when the facilities in general veterinary practice were fairly limited. Over the last few decades access to advanced imaging, in house laboratory work and surgical capabilities has advanced exponentially. As this equipment became more readily available further rooms would be utilised in the vet’s house and additional extensions would have been built to create space. Over time this frequently created a rabbit warren effect which at times can be unsuitable for the day to day running of the veterinary practice.

Forge cottage first caught our eye early in 2019. It’s over 100 years old, rich in history, with a fantastic mature garden and canopy of mature oaks. It’s also really easy to access off the main road and with the space we have available we are able to create plenty of parking for when you visit.

We had the assistance of John Christopher at Trinity Architecture when designing the floor plan and we’re really happy with the end result. Together we created a plan with a lovely flow around the practice from one area to the next.

This begins in our spacious waiting area with lovely vaulted ceilings. We have separate areas for dogs, cats and bunnies as well as separate consultation rooms. We are also fortunate enough to have space for a state of the art operating suite, dentistry unit and imaging room as well as an in house laboratory.

We’re really happy to have been able to retain the original cottage as part of the practice. The original living room will become the cattery and the dining area has become the kennelling area. These are completely separated and will be fully sound proofed to create a relaxing environment if your pet needed to stay with us. The bathroom has become an isolation ward for if your pet has an infectious disease and upstairs is our office and staff room.

Building work is well underway now and we’re looking forward to giving you more updates as things progress. If any of you have any thoughts on what you would like to see at your local veterinary practice please feel free to send us an email We have already had a request for a bike rack which we are keen to provide.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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