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Meet Our Family

Our Family wouldn’t be the same without our furry friends. You might even meet a few of them when you visit the practice, they cant wait to meet you!

Truffle (Truff Wuff)

Truffle was an unexpected addition to the family when Aidan and Natalie went to help their sister pick a Lhasa Apso puppy back in 2010. Aidan wasn’t sure initially about a little fluff ball but now the family wouldn’t be complete without her. She’s super active and has got a whole lot of attitude. To this day she still questions everything you ask her to do which is strangely endearing.


Bumble joined the family in 2011 with the intention of becoming the ‘proper dog’. Apart from occasionally rolling in fox poo he has not fulfilled this vision at all. He is the soppiest and kindest natured dog you will ever meet and very much bossed around by his little sister Truffle. They always say owners often carry a resemblance to their pets and friends and family liken Bumble’s scruffy appearance to Aidan and Truffle’s to Natalie.

Victor (Victor Schmicter)

Natalie called Aidan once whilst locumming in Essex to discuss whether it was an appropriate time to add a cat to the family. Victor was, at this point, already on his way down to Dorset with Natalie’s mum and dad so this phone call was more of a courtesy. He came to us having been found wandering the streets and wasn’t a very well kitty so it wasn’t fair to re-home him to a member of the public. He had every problem going through his life including; pancreatitis, chronic rhinitis, gum disease, a diaphragmatic hernia, kidney disease, high blood pressure. Everyone who met him will agree that despite all this he was one of the happiest cats you would ever meet and one of few cats you will ever see enjoying a caravan trip away.

We sadly lost Victor to illness in 2019 however he will never be forgotten. Described by many of our younger friends and family as beautiful he is an excellent example of how beauty comes from within.

Mr Cookies

Mr Cookies was another rescue who joined the family in Essex. He was dumped on the vet practice doorstep with his brother Larry (previously ‘Cream’). Mr Cookies loved posing for photos and loved a snuggle. Truffle and him were good friends and frequently caught playing and Mr Cookies would regularly knock his biscuits off the table for Truffle to feast on. We sadly lost him in 2011 due to a heart condition.


Denali, despite being named after and Alaskan mountain, is another small fluff ball that joined the pack in 2019. We decided opening a veterinary practice wasn’t keeping us busy enough!! After a settling in period, which proved to be more of a challenge than our experience with Bumble and Truffle, he is now well into the routine. He loves the outdoors and thinks having the forest and beach on our doorstep is incredible and getting covered in mud even more amazing.

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